Comparison of gait speeds from wearable camera and accelerometer in structured and semi-structured environments

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© 2020 Institution of Engineering and Technology. All rights reserved. A feasibility study was conducted to investigate the use of a wearable gait analysis system for classifying gait speed using a low-cost wearable camera in a semi-structured indoor setting. Data were collected from 19 participants who wore the system during indoor walk sequences at varying self-determined speeds (slow, medium, and fast). Gait parameters using this system were compared with parameters obtained from a vest comprising of a single triaxial accelerometer and from a marker-based optical motion-capture system. Computer-vision techniques and signal processing methods were used to generate frequency-domain gait parameters from each gait-recording device, and those parameters were analysed to determine the effectiveness of the different measurement systems in discriminating gait speed. Results indicate that the authors' low-cost, portable, vision-based system can be effectively used for in-home gait analysis.



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