Visualization of Carbon Monoxide Particles Released from Firearms

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A significant number of soldiers have come forward to report discomfort, irritation, and respiratory problems after taking part in live firing sessions. These problems appear to be caused due to the fumes and particulates emitted from the gun upon firing. There exists substantial research focused on lead and other harmful metallic particulates expelled from a firearm as those are considered the most harmful among the emissions. However, our research focuses on visualizing the carbon monoxide (CO) particles released from a firearm to improve our understanding of their adverse effects on the human body. We use data provided by researchers at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) enhanced with analyses of provided video material to devise a visualization that shows the correlations between the concentration of CO particles and Lung Deposited Surface Area (LDSA) values as well as other relevant parameters. The results are summarized in the form of a dynamic parallel coordinates plots for in-depth analysis by the domain specialists. Results of this study may be used to glean information about the interrelation between CO particles released and health issues faced by individuals after firing a weapon during a training exercise.