“The first and only U.S. literary award recognizing the power of the written word to promote peace,” the Dayton Literary Peace Prize (DLPP) began as a homegrown effort by a small but committed group of Dayton readers, academics, and philanthropists to foreground the power of the written word to create peace. By its third year in existence the DLPP had developed a truly international profile. Every year since 2006 a $10,000 prize has been awarded each fall to the author of a fiction and nonfiction work published the preceding year, based on the works’ focus on peace, broadly defined, and significant literary value, among other criteria. A runner-up in each category also receives a cash award.

A third category of award recognizes distinguished achievement in the advancement of peace through literature across a body of work. In 2011 this lifetime achievement category was renamed The Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award in honor of the architect of the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords.

Browsing this bibliography by “Year of Award” yields winning works and runners-up in the fiction and non-fiction categories for each year, starting with 2006. Browsing by “Award Type” yields five awards groupings arranged in reverse chronological order: Fiction Runners-up, Fiction Winners, Nonfiction Runners-up, Nonfiction Winners, and Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award. From 2006-2010 the Holbrooke Award bore the designation “Lifetime Achievement Award”; however this bibliography collects all honorees in this category together. From both Year of Award and Award Type, clicking on a book’s title takes users to a complete record, including links to OCLC WorldCat data featuring browsers’ local library holdings and options to purchase. A final browsing option, “Browse all Work” provides links to all known book-length works by every honoree, organized alphabetically by the author's last name. For more information about the Dayton Literary Peace Prize, including video and audio recordings of honoree’s speeches from 2007 forward, see the organization website.

This bibliography is updated annually in November/December. Bibligraphic entries for the 2018 winning authors and updates new 2017 and 2018 publications by all prior DLPP honorees were compiled by Wright State University interns Lauren Randall (English: Literature) and Andrew Puthoff (English: Professional Writing). Address corrections and comments to Carol S. Loranger (content) or Digital Initiatives and Repository Services (design).


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