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Spring 2020


Situated in southwest Ohio, Dayton has been a vibrant hub of manufacturing for much of its past. As a host for the corporate headquarters of the National Cash Register (NCR) company and Premier Health Network, a major production facility for General Motors (GM), and Wright Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB), Dayton has been a hotbed of opportunity. But now, with the departure of NCR and GM, Dayton has faced many of the same problems as other semi major cities scattered throughout the Midwest in what is now termed the “rust belt”. Although the city has a modest February unemployment of 4.3% this will certainly be hit hard by the novel coronavirus caused economic shutdown ( 146.1 thousand people, or 37% of the city’s employment rests in manufacturing, transportation, and hospitality services, all very hard-hit industries ( For this reason, it is imperative that Dayton be a test case for the economic, ecological, and social feasibility of a green jobs guarantee program.

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