Software defined radio based laboratories in undergraduate computer networking courses

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The explosion of wireless technology has made it a hot topic in undergraduate education. Many undergraduate students are intrigued by the secrets behind wireless communication and networking, but few institutions can provide hands-on laboratories in their networking courses due to expensive hardware equipment. Funded by a collaborative NSF TUES type II project, a series of affordable and evolvable software defined radio (SDR) based laboratories was implemented and institutionalized at three institutions to demonstrate its capability and adaptability. As a participating institution, Central State University worked closely with Wright State University and Miami University and successfully adapted the novel SDR based laboratories. We further initialized our own laboratory modules to improve undergraduate students' understanding and learning. The laboratory modules were integrated into two undergraduate level networking-related courses, and the course assessment showed positive learning outcomes. The exploratory project is a work in progress and we will continue the development in order to lead a national model of SDR laboratory based courses.

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