Bunker Hill, the Triumphant Defeat of the American Rebellion

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During the first two months after the revolt of the Thirteen Colonies had been little action, but busy. On April 19, 1775-the "glorious April 19" - General Thomas Gage, commander of the troops of His Majesty in North America, discreetly sent an expeditionary force to the countryside of Massachusetts, outside Boston, with twofold: first, to capture one or more of the "patriots" agitators who had been spurring popular discontent against the British government; and second, to destroy military supplies disgruntled colonists had been accumulating in Concord, not far from Boston. There was also another objective, broader set; Gage sympathized with the Americans and did not want to start a war, but should encourage obedience to the British crown and remind the irresistible force that would face them if they chose the path of rebellion.

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