Historians and Their Sources: Discourses of Russian Empire and Islam in Eurasian Archives

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Preserved in the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Empire, in Moscow, is a document titled “Translation of a petition from Kabardian lords to Her Imperial Majesty, submitted on their behalf by lord Kaitoka Kaisinov to his honor the vice-chancellor [of the Collegium of Foreign Affairs].” Presumably, it was the translator, Aleksandr Turchaninov, a secretary at the Collegium (kollegiia), who gave the Julian calendar equivalent of the document’s original Hijri date (11 Ramazan 1177) as 2 March 1764, and transcribed the names of the petitioners as Dzhanbulat bek, Kasai bek, Musavus bek, Khamza bek, and Kazi bek.

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