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Enterprise IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) addresses the recovery and recycling of an enterprise’s IT assets that are near or at the end of their lifecycle. The aim of ITAD is to maximize the value of investment over the IT asset’s entire lifecycle while guaranteeing data security and protecting against environmental liability. Regulatory requirements mandate specific disposal methods for computing assets, and enterprises face significant risks if they fail to comply. Despite the critical importance of ITAD, many enterprises lack a clear understanding of ITAD and its regulations and struggle with the management of ITAD processes. One solution to this challenge is the ITAD service provided by third-parties that can deliver effective and proper disposition services, and more importantly help enterprises maximize the potential value recovered from IT assets. This tutorial defines ITAD processes, presents its key elements and the third-party practice of ITAD services in the United States, and discusses the most important ITAD regulatory compliance and accreditations related to corporate environmental sustainability. We also discuss the role of IT and information systems in ITAD processes and recommend a research agenda.


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