Are You Doing It in the Right Way? The Effects of Regulatory Fit in IT Product Trial

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Recent research has directed attention to investigate how the way in which an individual achieves certain goal could influence his/her ultimate decision making besides the well recognized motivational factors (e.g., product satisfaction), which has been continuously neglected in previous IT adoption studies. Inspired by this stream of focus, in this study, we attempt to explore the relationship between a user’s information search strategy during IT product trial and his/her propensity of continuous usage after the trial. In particular, lying on the theoretical insights of cognitive stopping rules (CSRs) and the regulatory fit theory (RFT), we propose a preliminary research framework arguing that the regulatory fit between a user’s information search strategy and the current IT product trial task will influence his/her post-trial decision confidence, and in turn influence the continuous usage decision. . Proposed research methodology and expected contribution are discussed.


Presented at the Fourth China Summer Workshop on Information Management, Wuhan, China, June 19-20, 2010.