Utilizing a Simulation Approach for Data Analytics Pedagogy

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Disciplines such as information systems, finance, and accounting largely depend on analytics processes and applications to create value. Nevertheless, most organizations underutilize their analytics potential for decision making due to insufficient human resource. Reflecting on the role of academia in alleviating the human resource issue, I used a simulation approach to design a master’s level analytics course and evaluated its effectiveness in teaching analytics concepts. I collected quantitative data in a survey and statistically evaluated how the simulation approach impacted analytics learning. Next, based on the survey’s textual responses, I used text analytics to determine users’ perceptions about the strengths and weaknesses of the simulation module. I found that simulation is an effective approach for enhancing the conceptual, theoretical and practical understanding of business analytics. However, prior discussions about theoretical concepts are needed. Also, students should be given enough time for an in-depth analysis of requisite analytics concepts.

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