Biomechanical Evaluation of a Pre Contoured Clavicle Plate

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Recent attention has been focused on the operative treatment of mid-shaft fractures of the clavicle. This study compares the in-vitro biomechanical properties of a preformed titanium clavicle plate (Acumed) to a Synthes 3.5 mm limited-contact dynamic-compression (LCDC) plate using a cadaveric osteotomy model. An osteotomy was performed on 7 pairs of human clavicles and were randomly plated with either a Synthes 3.5 mm LCDC stainless steel plate or an Acumed titanium pre-contoured clavicle plate. After plating, specimens were tested on an EnduraTEC material testing apparatus for axial compression and tension strength, as well as torsional strength in compression and tension. Biomechanical test results for plated specimens are reported for the LCDC plate and the Acumed plate, and the 2 plates are compared. This exploratory study supports investigations with larger sample sizes to determine if the Acumed pre-contoured plate differs from the LCDC plate in biomechanical properties and the clinical implications of such differences.



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