The Relationship between First-Year Medical School Grades and Academic, Personality, and Attitude Measures: Wright State University School of Medicine, Class of 1984. Program Evaluation Studies, Report Number 5

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This study investigated (1) selected academic, personality, and attitude characteristics of the Wright State University School of Medicine (WSUSOM) class of 1984 and (2) the relationships between first-year grades and various personality, attitude, and premedical academic measures. In September 1980, first-year medical students (n-99), class of 1984, completed three personality and attitude measures: (1) Rotter Locus of Control; (2) Adjective Check List; and (3) Student Orientations Survey. In addition, the following data were gathered: (1) undergraduate grade point average, (2) Medical College Admission Test scores; (3) and Wright State University School of Medicine first-year grade point average. The New Medical College Admission Test correlated satisfactorily with first-year academic performance in medical school. Similarly, undergraduate grade point average was a valuable predictor of first-year academic achievement in medical school. With regard to personality characteristics, academically successful medical students were characterized as persevering, competitive, achievement-oriented, responsible, and independent. (Author/PN)