The Mission of the Patent and Trademark Resource Center is to teach and promote intellectual property information in our community. Intellectual Property Day is a Wright State University Libraries Patent and Trademark Resource Center (PTRC) organized event supported by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Regional Detroit Office. It is an inventor, entrepreneur and small business focused event. The aim is to provide the knowledge in understanding the intellectual property options available to inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses. The event will strive to place intellectual property knowledge and protection in context to the ever increasing threats to intellectual property and its impact on the business community.

Intellectual Property Day is an event that brings together the expertise of the USPTO, university, and local small business resources from our community. There is a rich small business ecosystem in the Miami Valley region. Knowing what resources are available to inventors, entrepreneurs and small businesses are key to success in intellectual property protection in the local, national and international economy.

The Goal of IP Day is to help you understand your intellectual property options and protections. What resources are available in the community to help you take an idea to market? What is needed to start a business? How to understand your marketplace through research. Presentations from experts will help you make better decisions regarding your intellectual property and leveraging it in the marketplace.

The Regional Ecosystem for inventors, entrepreneurs, and small businesses is rich in resources. You will find help from the Patent and Trademark Resource Center at the Wright State University Libraries, the areas Small Business Development Centers, the Dayton Metro Library, Hitchhikers Guide to Tech and Startups, Inventors Council of Dayton, and more.


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Intellectual Property (IP) Day 2016