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This study is an examination of the relationship between controller ratings of static and dynamic sector complexity factors and the occurrence of operational errors (OEs) at the Indianapolis air route traffic control center (ZID). Principal Components Analysis (PCA) of the complexity ratings produced four components that were used as predictors in a multiple regression analysis of the number of OEs in the ZID sectors. Only Component 1 (climbing and descending aircraft in the vicinity of major airports) and Component 2 (services provided to non-towered airports) contributed significantly to the total proportion of variance explained by the model (R = .78, R2 = .61). Component 1 was positively associated with the number of OEs (i.e., higher scores were related to a higher number of OEs), whereas Component 2 had a negative relationship (higher scores were related to fewer OEs). These results will be used to guide the choice of objective measures for further analysis of the influence of static and dynamic sector characteristics in the occurrence of OEs.