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Earlier reports in this series (Beringer, 2006-2008) have reported the force that pilots and nonpilots could exert on flight controls. This paper presents a comparison of some well-known tables of human strength with the values from recent samples of women and men pilots and nonpilots in an attempt to determine how closely those distributions fit tabled distributions of human strength. Findings suggest that some other samples may be used to approximate the difficult-to-sample Part 121 female pilots if the data are treated properly. Specifically, yoke-activation tasks for the female pilots could be reasonably well approximated by fractional performance values of male pilots. It was also determined that some older data obtained from a narrower sample of participants (both in age and gender) were not especially good for estimating present performance of the more diverse population of present-day certified pilots. Percentile values are provided for the lower values of the sampled groups.