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Simulator sickness (SS) is a common problem during flight training and can affect both instructor pilots (IPs) and student pilots (SPs). This study was conducted in response to complaints about a new rotary wing flight simulator. To investigate, Simulator Sickness Questionnaire (SSQ) data were collected from 129 SPs and 73 IPs. Analysis of these data helped direct recommendations based on the scientific literature for reducing SS. One year later, a post-test collected SSQ data from 50 SPs and 25 IPs. To test the effectiveness of the recommendations, a 2 (experience) x 2 (time) between-subjects Multivariate Analysis of Variance was used. There was a main effect of time and experience for the nausea, oculomotor and total scores of the SSQ. While it may never be possible to completely ameliorate SS in the new simulators, the recommendations that were implemented did reduce SS symptoms.