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In the spring of 2008, with funding from the Aircraft Owner’s and Pilot’s Association, Middle Tennessee State University performed a study to evaluate the transferability of skills from Microsoft Flight Simulator X (MSFSX) to an aircraft for novice flight students. Nine students practiced tasks in six MSFSX Flight Lesson modules until the modules were successfully completed. The number of iterations required by students to accomplish each module satisfactorily was recorded. These students, along with nine others which comprised the control group, received flight training in a DA-40 for the same six maneuvers. They were subsequently evaluated on the number of attempts required to perform each maneuver successfully. The Transfer Effectiveness Ratio was utilized to calculate the transfer of training from MSFSX to the aircraft for each maneuver. The data suggest that the MSFSX packaged Flight Lessons modules have the capability to improve novice student performance in an aircraft.