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The constructs for collaborative network building include common tenets for the establishment of communication channels not only within the network but for constituencies external to the network. These constituencies are beneficiaries of the resulting knowledge which emerges and is disseminated. The Safety Across High-Consequence Industries (SAHI) conference was formed in 2003 for the purpose of bringing together safety leaders from multiple fields within the high consequence industries of healthcare, nuclear power, aviation, and others. Through SAHI four multinational conferences have been convened and resulted in bodies of safety knowledge available through widely distributed proceedings. In the process of generating and establishing the SAHI conference, an informal collaborative network of industry and academic leaders was formed with the goal of enhancing industry safety. Originating as an informal grouping of concerned parties, this collaborative network has evolved through several iterations and is currently being built around a more structured, technologically-based networking solution that formalizes the relationships and advantages that have been built through the previous generations of network collaboration. The next steps in this maturing evolution include the founding of the International Journal of Safety Across High-Consequence Industries and the formal establishment of the SAHI Collaborative Network. This paper serves the purpose of chronicling the development of SAHI and establishing the foundation for the launch of the International Journal of Safety Across High- Consequence Industries as a component of the National Center for Aviation Safety Research.