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Although much research has been conducted regarding display design and formatting criteria for terrain-depicting or synthetic-vision displays, little data have been collected concerning how General Aviation pilots use fielded displays. Structured interviews were conducted with a small sample (10; 33% response rate) of users of two fielded synthetic-vision (SV) displays, one with selectable Highway-In-the-Sky (HITS) guidance and one without. Questions were asked concerning pilots’ experience (both general and specific with display systems) and use of the SV systems by phase of flight. Use rates for the first system (with a selectable HITS) were high, with “always used” being reported for 57% or more of the sample during cruise, descent, and approach. Including “often used” increased this to over 71%. Patterns were slightly different for the second SV system users, and were likely attributable to the smaller proportion of sampled users and to format and content differences; all found the displays extremely useful.