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A pilot-in-the-loop simulation was conducted that required pilots to taxi following acceleration and speed profiles under two Speed-conformance conditions (Defined and Undefined). Pilots were given a commanded speed in both conditions, however, in the Defined Speed-conformance condition, air traffic control (ATC) issued alerts when the aircraft speed exceeded a +/- 1.5 kt speed range. A current-day, baseline trial with no required speed profile was also included. While pilots achieved required time of arrival (RTA) errors of less than 10 sec in each condition, both Speed-conformance conditions produced more visual fixation time on the speed tape, located head-down on the primary flight display (PFD), compared to the baseline condition. Fourteen out of eighteen pilots reported that the demand of maintaining the required speed conformance range in actual operations would compromise safety. These results indicate the need for advanced flight deck displays to enable pilots to safely comply with runway RTAs during taxi.