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Despite the huge advances in aviation automation and avionics over the last decades, the f ight deck is sometimes still unaware of the ‘bigger picture’. Current automation is not yet able to understand the intentions of the pilots or the intricacies of the environment it is operating in. When we want to increase the level of automation support, automation systems will need more context awareness. This paper will only focus on a small subset of the operational context, namely the complexity induced by surrounding traff c. To capture the constraints imposed by the surrounding traff c, we use a tool called the ‘Solution Space’. The solution space is the subset of all speed and heading combinations for an aircraft that will not result in a conf ict. In previous research, the solution space is visualized to provide a pilot or air traff c controller with an overview of the situation. Our goal is different in that we are trying to identify parameters in the solution space that correlate with the complexity of a traff c situation and how well they f t with the concept of traff c complexity as perceived by pilots. In this paper, the potential of the Solution Space as a complexity metric is evaluated in a preliminary off ine analysis.