Comparing the Effects of Simulated, Intelligent Audible Checklists and Analog Checklists in Simulated Flight

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This study evaluated the effect of a simulated, intelligent audible checklist system in a Cessna 172R PC-ATD on checklist errors and omissions. This study was a multiple baseline, time series design, in which participants would fly three to five flights per condition. Each condition used either a 42 item paper or audible checklist. Baseline flights had participants use paper checklist as normal and would graded for correctness. In the intervention phase, at the logical time for a checklist, a red light would illuminate on the dashboard and an audible checklist would engage. An electronic voice would list each item to be completed and the participants were told to say “check” and touch each item as it was completed, intervention flights graded for correctness. During the reversal phase all elements returned to baseline conditions. Baseline condition yielded 22.7% checklist compliance, intervention yielded 97% compliance, and reversal yielded 34% compliance.