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In the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NexGen), voice communications will become less frequent, and most communication will occur via data communications -- uplink messages (UM) (to pilot) and downlink messages (DM) and requests (to ATC). Clearances may include simple one-element clearances such as CLIMB TO [altitude] or complex clearances created by concatenating messages to create flight trajectories that include ATC-authorized route segments, altitudes, and at least one required time of arrival (RTA). Due to the complexity of clearances, aircraft and flight deck equipment manufacturers may seek approval for new and modified flight deck displays to more clearly depict clearances to the flight crew, likely using text and graphics. This research evaluated text and hybrid text and graphic concepts to develop human factors (HF) recommendations for specialists who participate in certification of new and modified flight deck DataComm displays, and as a potential update to AC 20-140, Guidelines for Design Approval of Aircraft Data Link Communication Systems Supporting Air Traffic Services (ATS).