Preven Naidoo

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Effective pilot training on advanced aircraft is vital in ensuring flight safety, and positive perceptions of the training climate can contribute to the success of the training. Hypothetically, characteristics of the trainee can predict the training climate. Thus far, predictive models have provided little information about the mental viscosity or psychological comfort of the processes of pilot training. The purpose of this study was to develop a mathematical model to predict the psychological comfort of the organisational environment for advanced aircraft pilot transition training using a dichotomous categorical criterion. A predictive model of the phenomena was contemplated from a non-parametric regression process. Original data were captured using a previously validated instrument, namely the Advanced Aircraft Training Climate Questionnaire (AATC-Q) from a cohort of 229 respondents. The final regression model containing four independent variables correctly predicted 63.8% of overall cases. The developed model may assist in implementing training interventions.