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The National Airspace System (NAS) Enterprise Architecture (EA) describes Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) goals, operational changes, and guidance materials. While the primary focus of the NAS EA is on infrastructure delivery, the function of human factors is to assess and respond to the impacts of planned changes on end-users. The Federal Aviation Administration’s Human Factors Research and Engineering Division has strengthened the presence of human factors activities in NextGen products in the Human Systems Integration (HSI) and other Roadmaps. This paper will present the HSI Roadmap and explore NextGen human factors integration opportunities in tower operations. Opportunities have been identified through the analysis of operational improvements (OIs), decision points, and information obtained through stakeholder interviews. When examining the tower domain and surface operations, 35 OI-actor pairings were identified with 15 describing automation enhancing situation awareness, two describing decision-support tools, one describing procedural changes, and 17 describing mixed changes.