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FAA HF-STD-008 Air Traffic Control Tower Alerts Standard specifies functional requirements, alarm and alert human interaction characteristics, and threshold levels in systems that use an alert mechanism to capture human attention in air traffic control tower environments. FAA HF-STD-008 was developed to address a shortfall in the general criteria for alerts found in FAA HF-STD-001 Human Factors Design Standard. FAA-HF-STD-008 was developed in three phases: literature review and draft development, subject matter expert working group review and development, and stakeholder comment and adjudication. The results of the work include specific requirements for alerts and additional evidence of a repeatable human factors standard development procedure. There were shortfalls in general human factors requirements that were addressed by a standard with more specific requirements. Although human factors standards and the standardization process of human factors areas are relatively new in the FAA, there has been increased recognition of the significance of human factors requirements for system design.