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We worked with subject matter experts to create a human-system resilience checklist that can be utilized during Independent Operational Assessments (IOAs) of air traffic control systems as part of the system acquisition process. The checklist focuses on four key areas for evaluating human-system resilience characteristics: procedures, system use, workload, and training. A resilience scoring method indicates areas where a human-machine system under consideration does or does not have resilient characteristics. Overall resilience scores can be compared among design alternatives, or across different points in system development for a particular design. The ultimate intent is to provide guidance and metrics that will enable the FAA to address human-system resilience aspects in the implementation of NextGen capabilities in the National Airspace System (NAS). The goal of increased resilience is to reduce the risks and potential impacts of disruptive events, and to safeguard the efficiency, safety, and cost effectiveness of NextGen NAS operations.