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This article describes a Group Discussion occurred on the I National Congress of the Brazilian Aviation Psychology Association (ABRAPAV), in 2016. Among 158 participants on the event, 146 took part of this Group Discussion: 75 psychologists; 6 Psychology students; 25 other aviation professionals; 40 professionals with unidentified formation. They chose one of the following subgroups to discuss about Aviation Psychology activities, facilities, difficulties and suggestions: Regular Aviation; Nonregular/ General Aviation; Military Aviation; Regulator Authority/Aeronautical Industry; Clinics/Hospitals; Airclubs/ Aviation Schools/ Universities/Training Centers; Air Navigation/Airports. After the discussion, each subgroup representative presented the results of the main activities, facilities, difficulties and suggestions, respectively, as examples: Aeronautical Accidents Prevention; Managers Recognition, Support and Confidence; Reactive Organizational Cultures, Changes Resistance and Inflexible Manager; Professional Specialization and Specific Standard for Aviation Psychology. This enabled ABRAPAV to map relevant demands in this area and plan strategies for psychologists to minimize constraints and support improvements in their organizations.