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Hypnosis has already been used in very long flights by Bertrand Piccard, one of the two Solar Impulse pilots, to manage fatigue and rest periods. It is also used by navigators like Armel Le Cléac’h during solo races. For this reason we consider it is worth to look at such technics to cope with the constraints of long flights. A study was done in order to explore what kind of benefits hypnosis could bring to cope better with multitask activities constraints like time pressure, good performance demands... We used Multi- Attribute Task Battery II (MATB-II) software to induce different workloads, time pressure and consecutively fatigue sensations. Participants were mostly aeronautical engineers. For each participant, the scenarios were repeated and separated by 3 types of break. Three break conditions of fifteen minutes were then used to differentiate the group of people: “Static rest” or “Exercise” or “Hypnosis” breaks. The hypothesis was that depending on the break condition and the scenario intensity level, variations on performance and participants’ feeling could appear. The methodology used task performance index, fatigue and workload subjective scales, eye-tracking data, plus debriefing inputs. The results show that “hypnosis” and “exercise” breaks had interesting effects on fatigue and performance. Unexpected results were underlined by participants’ in debriefing about “stressless” effect and calm after using hypnosis to cope with the situation.