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Current cervical spine assessment methodologies focus solely on subjective measures, such as pain reports, and range-of-motion (ROM) testing that only measures maximum head excursion and reach (i.e., not dynamic motion). Due to report bias and the potential for negative outcomes of self-reported pain, current clinical assessment methods fail to provide valid, reliable data for medical practitioners to effectively manage long-term cervical health. Furthermore, commercial systems capable of quantitative assessment of cervical spine function are generally sparse and often immature. This paper highlights both the need and a path towards a clinical tool for objective measurement of cervical spine health and functionality. Lastly, a novel solution concept is presented to objectively assess Cervical Readiness using Analytics and Non-invasive Evaluation (CRANE). This solution concept combines cervical spine instrumentation, novel virtual reality (VR) game-based test protocols, robust analytical algorithms, and intuitive presentation of health metrics.