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Creating a group class project to demonstrate situation awareness (SA) can be an effective pedagogical approach. By engaging students in such projects, they can understand the meaning of SA — comprehension of relevant information in a dynamic environment (Durso et al., 2007). In an SA class taught at an aeronautical university during the past several years, students engaged in observational and interactive projects. However, COVID-19 has prohibited in-person activities. In lieu of such in-person activities, students enrolled in a virtual SA class during summer 2020 utilized online road cameras found at traffic intersections in Madrid, New York, and Tokyo. This alternative approach allowed students to observe apparent SA of pedestrians across different cultures. Distinct differences were found. Pedestrians in New York seemed to have better SA than pedestrians in the other cities. Pedestrians in Tokyo seemed more compliant; whereas pedestrians in Madrid were less compliant and appeared to have poor SA. This virtual group project satisfied a viable approach to collecting SA data, as well as an effective pedagogical lesson for teaching SA.