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This article reports the results of a workshop study with fighter pilots about the potential benefits and drawbacks of introducing Live Virtual Constructive (LVC) training (combining real aircraft, simulators, and computer-generated AI forces) into Large Force Exercises (LFEs). The study elaborates on a questionnaire study conducted during Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE) 2021, to investigate pilots’ attitudes towards including virtual and constructive entities in LFEs. In order to get a better understanding of training value of LVC, and explanations for questionnaire answers, two workshops with a total of eight fighter pilots were conducted. Results classify the statements made by the pilots into various themes, i.e., categories of training value trade-offs to consider when designing LVC scenarios and planning for future LVC LFEs. Results provide depth to the argumentation on training value of future LVC, properties of future AI Constructives in LVC, and training scenario design mixing Live, Virtual, and Constructive entities.