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Motivation, confidence, and internal achievement factors such as locus of control (LOC) and self-efficacy are important in successful learning. A feeling of belongingness might affect students’ confidence, therefore affecting flight training performance. This study explored the relationship between self-reports of social activities and confidence with academic performance and flight performance. Nineteen international students (13m, 6f) with a mean age of 21.42 (SD = 2.29), currently enrolled in a flight training program at a university answered a survey. Significant correlations were found between LOC and confidence in the English language; self-efficacy and number of failures at the end of the Private Pilot course; confidence in the English language and social involvement; and flight training confidence and social involvement. Males reported significantly higher levels of flight training confidence than females. A regression model showed that flight training confidence can be significantly predicted by students’ self-assessed sense of belonging, academic confidence, and LOC.