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Inflight loss of control (LOC-I) continues to be a significant cause of General Aviation fixed-wing aircraft accidents. Nearly 20% of fixed-wing aircraft accidents in the last two decades involved LOC-I, and approximately 45% of LOC-I accidents are fatal. Previous studies suggest that the leading factors in aviation accidents are human factors-related. One approach to better understand the causes of LOC-I accidents is to analyze accidents using sources such as the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) database. However, the NTSB General Aviation accident reports include limited detail on human factors, specifically pilot actions and conditions. We interviewed pilots about their LOC-I experiences and the training in practice to provide a deeper understanding of LOC-I causation. This paper discusses the initial findings from the interview study and the causes of the LOC-I experiences. The findings from the study may help improve training methods and operating procedures for General Aviation pilots.