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Weather continues to play a significant role in general aviation (GA) events. GA pilots use various technologies to access and view weather information in the cockpit. These technologies range from handheld devices to installed displays. A contributing factor in many weather-related events was the pilots' failure to correctly interpret the displayed weather information compared to what was observed out the window. This session will highlight ongoing Human Factors (HF) research aimed at understanding and addressing this problem. Topics include an overview of the FAA’s Weather Technology in the Cockpit (WTIC) program; barriers to automating and implementing a speech-to-coded Pilot Report (PIREP) system; effect of weather briefing strategy on a pilot’s understanding of weather; pilot perception of hands-minimized PIREP submittal tools; use of Virtual Reality (VR) in aviation training; and pilot use of weather information in low altitude and special operations. This paper provides an abstract for each of these topics.