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Pilots for small uncrewed aerial systems (sUAS) are at a disadvantage for building situation awareness of the remote airspace in which they are flying, simply because they are distant from their vehicles. A tool to provide increased air traffic situation awareness for an sUAS pilot is being developed. The UAS pilot kit, “UASP-kit,” is small and self-contained, with its chief capability being to collect and display Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast reports from local aircraft. UASP-kits were taken into the field, introduced to users during a training course, and then left with them for use throughout the summer fire season. sUAS pilots used the prototypes when it was appropriate during the summer. The UASP-kits were operational for a total of 79 flight-days. Users reported that the UASP-kits supported their situation awareness but also identified several usability issues. The findings contribute to the validation of the UASP-kit, and support continuing the work to improve the tool and develop additional functionality.