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Journal of Bioresource Management (JBM) publishes original research papers, scientific notes, review and general articles on all aspects of bioresources that include plants, animals, wildlife, fisheries and their management. Authors are expected to give new ideas, concepts and principles having more general application with significant future impact on the issues. Research papers and reviews on eco-friendly sustainable management of bioresources will be given priority.

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Current Issue: Volume 8, Issue 4 (2021)



Biodiversity of the Blattopteran Fauna in the Chelia Cedar Forest (the Aures - Eastern Algeria)
Nadia Aberkane, Sarra Habbachi, Wafa Habbachi, Nora Belkhiri, and Naama Frah


Undesired Effects of Bioinsecticides Molecules in Wistar Rats: Case of Spirotetramat, Citrulus Colocynthis and Cleome Arabica Extracts
Boublata Nour El Iméne, Manel Bekhakheche, Habbachi Sarra, Saadane Fatma Zohra, Bouzar Abir, Habbachi Wafa, Rebbas Khellaf, and Tahraoui Abedkrim


Inventory and Distribution of Mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae) in the Aures Region (Batna, Algeria)
Nora Belkhiri, Wafa Habbachi, Saliha Benhissen, Naama Frah, Abdelmadjid Yagoub Asloum, and Nadia Aberkane


Factors Affecting the Epizootics of Entomopathogenic Fungi-A Review
Mirza Abdul Qayyum, Huda Bilal, Unsar Naeem Ullah:, Habib Ali, Hasnain Raza, and Muhammad Wajid


Estimation of Genetic Diversity among Canola Accessions using Simple Sequence Repeat Markers
Jaleel Ahmad, Muhammad Baber, Wajid Nazeer, Sana Hamdullah, Aleena Ahmad Somroo, Shaiza Ali, Rameen Fatima, and Seema Aslam


Plastic Biodegradation through Insects and their Symbionts Microbes: A Review
Huda Bilal, Hasnain Raza, Haseena Bibi, and Tehmina Bibi