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Journal of Bioresource Management (JBM) publishes original research papers, scientific notes, review and general articles on all aspects of bioresources that include plants, animals, wildlife, fisheries and their management. Authors are expected to give new ideas, concepts and principles having more general application with significant future impact on the issues. Research papers and reviews on eco-friendly sustainable management of bioresources will be given priority.

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Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 4 (2020)



Comparative Effects of Different Types of Biochar on Physical Properties of Soil And Growth of Maize
Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Yasir, Atif Javed, and Sarmad Tausif Ahmad


Population Density, Habitat Characteristics and Preferences of Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes) in Chakwal, Pakistan
Amir Naseer, Muhammad Bilal, Umar Naseer, Naureen Mustafa, and Bushra Allah Rakha


A Preliminary Study on the Small Population Paradigm and Nesting Biology of Rose-Ringed Parakeets (Psittacula Krameri) in Gujar Khan, Pakistan
Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Huzaifa Zahid, Khalid Mahmood, Abdullah Ibrahim, Ali Hasnain Mosvi, Amir Naseer, and Sadia Munir