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Army Strategic Logistics Activity Charleston (ASLAC) located in Charleston, South Carolina maintains and oversees a Navy fleet of prepositioned Army equipment for rapid deployment to soldiers in the field. Almost three years ago, ASLAC contracted with O’Neil & Associates, Inc. (O’Neil) to create a test system that would connect multiple O’Neil Electronic Maintenance System Next Generation Viewers (EMSNG) together while on an isolated computer network. The EMSNG application is used to display interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) which aid in the repair and maintenance of military vehicles at ASLAC’s facility and throughout the military. To connect these multiple EMSNG applications together, O’Neil created a web application system called O’Neil Electronic Maintenance System Next Generation Enhanced (EMS-NG-E). The EMS-NG-E system is a management application allowing users to initiate, assign, distribute, and manage 5988-E work orders for both scheduled inspections and repairs of Army assets.

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Arijit Sengupta