Growth of Older Infants Fed Low-Fat Formula

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The purpose of this study was to compare the growth and nutritional status of infants fed different diets, some of whom received a low-fat formula. Beginning at four to six months of age, 101 infants were fed whole cow's milk, one of two low-fat follow-up formulas, or a standard infant formula until 12 months of age. Weight, recumbent length, and head circumference were measured at one-month intervals. Analyses of status (values at an age) for all examinations showed no significant differences among the feeding groups in status for weight or recumbent length, but there were significant differences in head circumference for boys and for girls after adjustments for the initial values. Head circumferences were smaller in those fed whole cow's milk and relatively large in those fed follow-up formula, but these differences were small and not of clinical significance. Comparisons with national reference data showed growth in weight, recumbent length, and head circumference was normal regardless of feeding group. These results indicate that, during the second half year of infancy, the use of lower fat concentrations in the follow-up formulas did not retard growth in weight, recumbent length, or head circumference.



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