Lithium storage characteristics in nano-graphene platelets

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Improvements of the anode performances in Li-ions batteries are in demand to satisfy applications in transportation. The emerging new class of materials - nano graphene platelets (NGPs) and their composites - are promising alternative anodes. In this paper, a brief review was presented focusing on the high-capacity lithium storage characteristics in pyrolyzed carbons and carbon nanotubes as well as the computational results on lithium - graphene interactions and diffusion. These results led to the research towards both high lithium storage capacity and rapid lithium kinetics in NGPs. Afterwards, experimental results on lithium storage characteristics in three different kinds of NGPs were presented. High reversible capacities and rate capabilities were achieved in the NGPs. Some comments on the necessity and feasibility of mechanistic studies on lithium storage in graphene-based nanomaterials were also addressed.

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