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This set of Tips is written to make the best use of an Engaged Learning Classroom (ELC), which some may refer to as the ‘flipped classroom.’ Strategies for the ELC include Team-Based Learning (TBL), Peer Instruction (PI), Case-Based Learning (CBL). Our focus will be on the design and implementation of the out-of-class phase for any ELC activity since this is as important as the in-class phase, but often neglected. Experience has shown that the quality of learning from the ELC is highly dependent on the preparation before, and follow-up to the class session. The instructor’s designation of material (written, audio-visual, other potential learning resources and activities) and guidance on how to approach these materials generates engagement and enhances learning. We provide important contextual information on the learners of today (Generation Z), highlights of current learning theory applicable to self-directed learning, and the unique ingredients for the linkage between out-of-class and in-class learning that makes for the fullest student engagement. Each Tip addresses frequent questions by both instructors and learners who are embarking on the ELC and/or lessons that we have learned from the literature and designing, facilitating, and evaluating sessions.


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