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Boonshoft School of Medicine Oral History Project


This is the fourth in a series of interviews with the President of Wright State University, Dr. Robert J. Kegerreis. The first part of the interview deals with the search for the first Dean of the School of Medicine. Dr. Kegerreis focuses on the different aspects of the search, including the composition of the Search Committee; the criteria developed by the Committee for selecting the Dean; the process of screening the candidate; and an analysis by President Kegerreis of the first three candidates. Dr. Kegerreis closes this first portion of the interview with a discussion of the reasoning behind the Committee's and the Board of Trustee's choice of Dr. John Beljan.

Dr. Kegerreis then turns to the political fight for the School of Medicine in the State Legislature, analyzing the roles played by the Ohio Board of Regents and the Democratic and Republican State legislators from Dayton and Northeast Ohio. Dr. Kegerreis stresses the compromises that were required in order to ensure passage of the legislation initiating the medical schools in Dayton and Northeast Ohio.

The interview closes with an examination by Dr. Kegerreis of the political struggle's effect on the pace of School of Medicine development and the recruiting of the School of Medicine faculty.


Robert J. Kegerreis


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