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Boonshoft School of Medicine Oral History Project


In this third in a series of interviews, Wright State University President Dr. Robert J. Kegerreis continues his reflections on the struggle to gain a School of Medicine for Wright State University. The major focus of the first section of the interview is Dr. Kegerreis's thoughts on the two modifications that Wright State University had to make in its campaign to win approval of the School of Medicine.

Dr. Kegerreis then turns to a discussion of the interactions between Wright State University and the Ohio Board, and President Kegerreis's interactions with the Inter-University Council. Dr. Kegerreis then reflects on the effect that the fight for a School of Medicine had on subsequent Wright State University efforts to develop a School of Professional Psychology.

In the third phase of the interview Dr. Kegerreis relates some of the more memorable experiences in his activities on behalf of the School of Medicine.


Robert J. Kegerreis


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