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Boonshoft School of Medicine Oral History Project


This is the first in a series of three interviews with Dr. Robert T. Conley, first Dean of Science and Engineering at Wright State University, Co-Director of the Planning Team which authored the first School of Medicine planning study, and first Vice-President for Health Affairs Planning at Wright State University.

In the first part of the interview Dr. Conley discusses his background prior to coming to Wright State University and his early service with the institution while it was a branch campus of Ohio State University and Miami University.

Dr. Conley then turns to his involvement with the initial discussions concerning the concept of bringing a School of Medicine to Wright State University. The role of Dr. Richard DeWall and the first feasibility studies for health education at Wright State are examined in detail.

The development of proposals for health education at Wright State University is the topic as discussions with Dr. Conley continue. The recruiting of Dr. Edward Spanier and his subsequent role in the development of the School of Medicine proposal is focused upon.

As the interview continues, Dr. Conley discusses the "climate" in the Ohio Board of Regents, the state legislature, and the Dayton area for the development of the School of Medicine. His interactions with the Ohio Board of Regents are detailed. Dr. Conley discusses the fight to win approval of the School of Medicine in the Ohio Legislature.

In the final part of this interview, Dr. Conley looks at the tenure of Wright State University President Brage Golding and his contribution to the effort of initiating health education planning. Dr. Conley also compares and contrasts the tenures of President Golding and the subsequent tenure of Wright State University President Robert J. Kegerreis in terms of their respective functions as chief executive officer of the institution.


Robert T. Conley


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