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Background: Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and Gestational Hypertension (GHTN) are serious conditions that can arise during pregnancy. Both of these disorders can cause detrimental health effects to both mother and newborn. Methods: Ohio vital statistics birth data was obtained from Public Health- Dayton and Montgomery County. The data set included 137,268 women who gave birth during 2012 in Ohio and had a known GDM and/or GHTN status. IBM Statistical Package for Social Sciences for Mac Version 20 (SPSS, IBM, 2011) was used to analyze the data. Descriptive statistics, odds ratios, chi-square analyses, and multivariate logistic forward stepwise regressions were calculated from the data set. Results: GDM and GHTN were diagnosed in 6.2% and 5.5% of pregnant women respectively. Pre-pregnancy hypertension (OR = 2.783, p < .001) and increased pre-pregnancy BMI (OR = 2.889, p < .001) were the strongest predictors for GDM. Increased delivery BMI (OR = 2.921, p < .001) and pre-pregnancy Diabetes Mellitus (OR = 2.292, p < .001) were the strongest predictors for GHTN. After forward stepwise multiple logistic regression, pre-pregnancy BMI (OR = 1.095, p

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