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Objective: The purpose of this study was to identify potential on-call partners for inclusion in Functional Assessment Service Teams (FAST) to serve residents of Montgomery County, Ohio. Functional Assessment Service Teams provide assessment and care for individuals with functional needs following disaster in disaster relief shelters.

Methods: A questionnaire was constructed and administered to 17 agencies in Montgomery County, Ohio that work in the field of emergency management and functional needs support. The questionnaire measured necessities for functional needs groups in emergency sheltering environments. The questionnaire measured three topics: essential services, assessment, and area agencies’ willingness to participate.

Results: A total 11 of 17 (64.1%) completed the online questionnaire. Most agencies (n=10, 91.0%) indicated advocacy and assessment was necessary for individuals with functional needs in disaster relief shelters but only three (27.3%) of the agencies agreed FAST would be effective in Montgomery County, Ohio. All eleven agencies expressed interest in becoming a member of FAST with seven (63.6%) agencies wanting more information.

Conclusions: Overall, the implementation of FAST in Montgomery County, Ohio could provide essential assessment and services for individuals with functional needs following disasters in emergency relief shelters. Exploring the meld of current Montgomery County, Ohio FNSS plans with FAST could also be advantageous and provide groundwork for effective ways to assist individuals with functional needs. Further review of currently used FAST models, more in depth opinions from area agencies and exercises in the use of FAST in Montgomery County, Ohio are needed to determine if FAST will work.

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