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There has been a significant increase in the rate of incarceration among women. Since 1995, women’s incarceration rate has increased by about 203%. With this growing trend it is important to explore the unique needs of women, particularly those that relate to community reintegration. It has been found that women reported their needs differently than men. This study examines some of those needs reported by women in the Clark County Jail through a pilot focus group conducted in January 2012. The women in this study discussed what they felt would be needs they would face once they were released from jail as well as barriers they felt existed in Clark County, Ohio that inhibited success. Their answers were categorized and coded using different themes. It was found in this study that the women wanted an opportunity to reform but felt that they did not have the resources available to them. Some of the themes included a need for job training, better jobs willing to hire ex-felons, and opportunity for safe, clean, and affordable housing. It was also found that there were a few programs in the community that were helpful to them but they felt the community overall was not very helpful because of a lack of needed programs. The participants also felt that there was a stigma related to being an ex-felon or having a criminal record. Further research is recommended as a way to identify the continued needs of women as they are released from jail or prison.

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