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Montgomery County Care (MCC) was a county-funded, limited benefit health services program launched in 2010 as a bridge to expanded Medicaid and the health insurance marketplaces for the uninsured of Montgomery County, Ohio. A principal goal was to help manage chronic disease, particularly diabetes. Approximately 20% of the MCC members assigned to a community health center were diagnosed with diabetes. Paired sample t-tests of Hemoglobin A1c values were compared for diabetic members enrolled in the program for a minimum of one year. Among 188 members for whom initial and subsequent values were recorded, HA1c values declined (showed an improvement) from a mean initial value of 8.63 to 8.04. Mean HA1c values declined across categories of gender, race and age. Overall, however, the mean subsequent value of members enrolled in the program for more than one year was higher than the goal established by the American Diabetes Association as a standard of care. These members continued to be at risk for complications from diabetes.

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