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Spring 2016


Despite having one of the highest rates of institutionalized birth in the region, Dominican maternal mortality rates are higher than the regional average. This phenomenon is referred to as the “Dominican Paradox.” The purpose of this paper is to identify factors beyond the established healthcare system that may contribute to the “Dominican Paradox.” Literature about the “Dominican Paradox” often attempts to explain the paradox in terms of the current healthcare system alone. Over reliance on the healthcare system has likely contributed to the “Dominican Paradox.” Most of prevalent causes of maternal mortality in the Dominican Republic are strongly linked to maternal obesity. Obesity is a major, and potentially the most important, behavioral risk factor that could explain the “Dominican Paradox.” For this reason it is important to explore the other domains that influence health when considering this issue. Preconception care is an intervention that could help empower Dominican women to take control of preventable risk and ensure healthy pregnancies.

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