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Objective: Overall: To improve influenza and pneumococcal immunization rates in patients age ≥65 years by developing relationships with community organizations that would provide opportunities for community member education about adult vaccines. Pre/post Surveys: To assess potential changes in influenza and pneumococcal immunization knowledge and opinions in community members exposed to an educational presentation.

Methods: Using personal and university resources, contact was made with several organizations serving the senior, underserved population in West Dayton, Ohio. An educational presentation about adult immunizations was developed and used at ten community events. The presentation included oral and written communication, and was based on the Health Belief Model. The presentation focused on dissemination of information both verbally and through low-literacy focused written information. Written material was also distributed through community channels. The effectiveness of the oral presentations was examined through pre/post questionnaires at five of the events. Statistical analysis was both descriptive and analytical.

Results: Outreach was established to more than 1,000 individuals through direct mailings, flyers and oral presentations. Presentations were made at ten community events, where more than 80% of the participants were ≥65 years of age. Feedback about the presentations was positive. There was statistically significant improvement in answers to questions dealing with adult vaccination.

Conclusions: Community outreach programs were successful in increasing awareness of the importance of adult vaccination among community members. Project was supported by a grant from the AAFP.

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